Adam Shaheen speaks about not getting vaccinated

I don’t know Adam Shaheen’s, well, Adam.

He joined the Miami Dolphins last year during an infectious disease that did not allow NFL reporters to interact with players and even now with some of the team’s Covid-19 series that allows for small contact, media members are still required to stand behind the backbone barrier. 12 feet from the solid end, as he commented on Saturday.

So Shaheen, and all the players who joined the team after 2019, are still guests.

But I do know that Adam Shaheen is a man of conviction.

I also know that there is a Production Manufacturer out there who may want to paint it soon as a bad guy, or a bad guy, or part of a problem. But that’s not how I see it, and more importantly, that’s not how the Dolphins Miami sees it.

Shaheen, you see, is not vaccinated for Covid-19. Of the group reported to have lost more than 90 percent vaxxed, it meant something.

The team’s unvaxxed players are pretty obvious to pick out. They are men who will wear a mask when they appear to take practice, even if the immunization team does not. They are the ones who must have a daily Covid test and also be punished if they do not comply with other rules unlike last year’s severe illness.

This is where these rules do not apply to members of their immunization team.

The NFL is a multi-billion dollar business. it wants to have a season without interruption in 2021 and one way it has decided to ensure the games go on is by compelling, although not requiring, players to get vaccinated.


Because Shaheen and the other players have chosen to submit to the vaccine, it is a process they cannot enjoy. For example, he was singled out and quit his job recently despite a poor Covid test because he had a close relationship with teacher George Godsey, who was vaccinated and arrested Covid anyway.

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“For me, it’s a personal choice, and it’s bigger than just Covid,” Shaheen told reporters standing behind the line. “I will not elaborate on this. The NFL is trying to force it. It is no secret that they are trying to force it on unvaccinated men.

“But, you know what, I’m going to keep going through the legal process of vaccination that they’re doing for me. I’m not going to pay. But they’re not going to help me act because, you know, more freedom, when this is a changing situation now that they have taken away the freedom of men who have not been vaccinated.

“This is a changing situation and I have to take my hands off and follow their orders, but they will not get it on my own. They are not. ”

Shaheen, the Chicago Bears selection of the second color in 2017, seems to be a bright man. He realized, for example, that because he lost 18 games in 2018 and ’19 he became a disappointment for the Bears, who sold him to the Dolphins in July 2020.

He also understands what the NFL is trying to do with its system for untrained players. But is he upset? Is he disappointed?

“No, no,” he said. “This is a business. From their point of view (NFL), they want us to play the game. Of course, I get that. They try to do their best.

“Now that is being said, let’s go put in more legislation than we had last year beyond me. But, as I said, I will do what they ask and ask me and that will be that. But, you know what, I’m going to take it one day at a time. ”

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This is because people want to turn everything, including the game, into a public election for good and evil to choose from.

Shaheen, the new face of the undefeated Dolphins, joins Minnesota Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins ​​and Buffalo Bills quarterback Cole Beasley among the minor NFL teammates described as heroes or in fact, good dudes help kill each other.

Either way, it’s a difficult situation to get into.

With all this I recommend we stop. Breathe. Show each other some mercy and grace, for God.

That’s what Dolphins do. Listen as coach Brian Flores, who has been vaccinated, corrects the whole issue in various articles that have either vaxxed or not:

“Everyone has their own ideas or beliefs behind vaccinations or vaccinations or not vaccinations,” Flores said during the first press conference of this training camp.

“I respect everyone’s choice in this matter. I will not bother anyone. I will only give them a message. I will not judge anyone for one. I will only give them a message, give them opportunity to make their choices if we are going to work around something, we are going to work on it.

“We always try to do what is best for the team no matter what

the situation can be. For example, if a person is vaccinated against a person who has not been vaccinated, we will work around him and do our best. ”

There are some things I strongly disagree with Flores about losing in the third and 20th against Pittsburgh in 2019 head among those. (No, I haven’t forgotten).

But his words in this case are instructive. And a leader.

Apparently, Flores repeated to his players the words that they had in mind for him because they were repeating it to others now.

So, ask the recipient Lynn Bowden whether he supports or opposes a team of vaccinators or stays without a vaccine and his answer, where he does not turn to one side or the other. again, defending freedom of choice.

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Bowden said, “That’s their decision.” I wouldn’t say I was against it. I wouldn’t say I was in it. I had the vaccine. I did it for my kids. I didn’t want to bring anything n. ‘house, even though you may still be sick.

“I do not go against it; I am not present. I did it myself. I think I can tell them to read it and make a decision; but we are playing in the NFL to get the final word about what is going to happen and as I said, it is a personal decision. ”

Shaheen believes that everyone makes their own decisions. He is not a fan of masks, for example. But he won’t judge people wearing them – even if they drive in their own car, alone, in the windows.

Shaheen said, “Believe it or not, I say listen, I believe we live in the largest country in the world.” “I think from the beginning it was for people’s choice. If you want to wear a mask and protect yourself and those around you, as they say, it’s all about it. No problem.

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“If I don’t want to, in my opinion, it shouldn’t be underestimated when you don’t do one side or the other. That was part of what I mentioned earlier, it was part of the big problem with all of this.

“Now that said, one with vaccines, I think it’s your choice. That is all that needs to be said. ”

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