Athletes show off their skills as Chioma Ajunwa launches Olympic talent hunting

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The Chioma Ajunwa Foundation Olympic hunting talent kicked off yesterday in Lagos, where young athletes show that Nigeria lacks music and talent.

Six schools are participating in the program held at Yaba College of Technology, Lagos.

Yesterday, high school girls showed off their skills in the 100m, 200m, 400m, long jump and short time, with 16-year-old Alimat Alowonle emerging as the best athlete. She won the 100m in 11.99 seconds, 200m and 5.25m long jump.

Another athlete, Oluwafeyisola Mohammed, who is 14 years old today, won the 400 meters at 61.00 meters.

The event continues today with a football competition among participating schools.

So far, within 24 hours of opening registration for the event, more than 150 athletes, including some of Nigeria’s top stars and many from across Africa, have registered for the event. An AFN / MoC call is scheduled to take place at Yaba Technical College in Lagos.

Winners of the MoC (MoC) on Saturday announced its first AFN / MoC call, which is designed to give players across Nigeria and Africa hope to qualify for the Tokyo, African Championships and U-20 tournaments. Of the world and the opportunity to compete and draw different qualifications.

MoC / CEO Bambo Akani said: “While some of the top athletes in Nigeria are currently on a training and competitive tour in the US, there are many other athletes in Nigeria who are still competing. Competition to join the Olympic team. It was important to ensure they were not absent in May before the National Test for the Olympics in June.

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“Fortunately, AFN shares this idea to increase the chances of Olympic qualification for its athletes and to throw their weight behind the event – we would like to thank them again for making the AFN / Our MoC is moving forward for another Olympic qualifying competition. truth. ”

Some of the top athletes who signed up for the competition were Ofoku, Olayinka Olajide, MoC Moyosore Badejo and 100m / 200m ladies, Nicholas Fakorede Efe-Sam Agalive and MoC duo of Gafaru Audu and Gracious Ushie within 100m / 200m of men. After Abdulrahman in the men’s 400m, Blessing Ovwighoadjebre and MoC duo of Blessing Oladoye and Mercy Umoibang are 400m women’s.

In trouble, Martins Oghierakhi and Samuel Osadolor enrolled 110 men, Ese Awusa, Adaeze Nwokike and Comfort Ekanem, in the women’s 100m and/or 400m hurdles, as well as Prior Ochonogor and Gbenga Bakare in the 400m men’s problem.

In the sport, David Aya will appear in the men’s high jump, Ruth Agadama in the women’s long jump (in the 100m), Zola Nzube in the three-person men’s competition with Utitofon James in the women’s dialogue.

Like the betking registration / 3rd MoC Grand Prix in March, AFN / MoC calling attracts players from across Africa, with registrations already made from Kenya, Cote d’Ivoire and Sierra Leone.

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