Flink used $240 mln, to Partners with Rewe

On Friday, German startup Startup Flink said that it had raised $ 240 million from investors just six months after the Berlin-based company set up and partnered with the Rewe Group supermarket.

Flink is a handful of companies, including Gorillas, Getir and Weezy, who grew up during the COVID-19 explosion with their promise to deliver food within minutes to order from a mobile app.

download the Flink app on a pop 3 device and enjoy special features

His program A led fundraiser by Dutch-based online entrepreneurs, San Francisco, is investing in BOND, in Mubadala Capital, which is part of Abu Dhabi’s financial district.

Flink said it had established more than 50 regional channels in its first four months of operation. It is opening new sites every two days and can instantly reach more than three million customers.

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According to its owner Oliver Merkel,

With the global player Delivery Hero announcing a return to its German home market, the focus is on creating a self-service or collaborative store that would be a better plan.

Capital Flink raised last week for investment in German startups and software company Celonis raising $ 1 billion, as well as analyst Wefox insurance and two Flixbus applications attracting $ 650 million. (Statement by Douglas Busvine, Edited by Sherry Jacob-Phillips).

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Produced six weeks ago, Flink, which means “fast” in German, claims to deliver food from the network of its implementation in less than 10 minutes.

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That puts him in competition with dark-skinned competitors, including the Gorillas of many in Berlin and London of Dija and Weezy and the French of Cajon, and all say they focus on fresh food and snacks.

There’s also the Zapp model, which is still in stealth and focuses on a high-end store offering a similar offering to the US unicorn goPuff.

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