England vs Croatia: an interesting Euro 2020 match

Wembley and UEFA are planning a comprehensive review; Attendees 18,497 came to England with a 1-0 victory; A Wembley spokesman said: “The spectators were given medical care on site and taken to hospital.”

Sunday 13 June 2021 18:44, UK
Wembley will host both halves of Euro 2020 and the final
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The fan was in ‘critical condition’ when he came off the bench during England’s Euro 2020 match against Croatia on Sunday.

There was a plan to thoroughly investigate what happened, which soon led to England’s 1-0 victory.

A Wembley Stadium spokesman told Sky Sports News: “We can confirm that the spectator fell from his seat as soon as he started the match between England and Croatia at Wembley Stadium.

“The spectator was given attention at the site and taken to hospital in critical condition.

“We will continue to work with UEFA to ensure that this matter is thoroughly investigated and we continue to investigate this situation.”

A total of 18,497 people watched the game at Wembley.

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It is the first game England and fans have believed at Wembley since November 2019.

UEFA hopes that those allowed to pass through the 90,000 stadium capacity will increase before the final on July 11.

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